Wednesday, June 20, 2007

only in the northwest

One of these days I will do a photo montage of funny things seen only in Washington. But before that happens, I MUST relay this story. How I wish I had my camera. Please let me know if any of YOU have had an experience like this in YOUR part of the country.

We were on a Sunday afternoon drive (you know the kind. driving around in neighborhoods you can't afford, trying to find a screaming deal on an acre lot with a 4 bedroom house...) This neighborhood had beautiful wide streets, various people walking their dogs who always happen to kind of look like their owners. I strained my eyes, because around the corner comes an owner with 3 awfully big dogs. Wait, I thought. Is this a dream? No, not a dream. It's just 3 llamas on leashes being "walked" around by a woman (yes, she did kind of look like one). They kind of prance down the street toward us and all of a sudden I break into uncontrollable laughter. I felt like we were right in the middle of Jurassic Park, watching from our vehicle as 3 llamas stare eye-level into our car. Man, what a cool neighborhood that was. I'm pretty sure I can say "only in Washington".

Happy Gotcha Day, Samuel!!


Happy 3rd Birthday, Mia!