Saturday, February 17, 2007

It's Official

well, it's official now. we knew this day would come (at least we had a feeling the last couple of weeks...) our dryer is officially broken and the washer is in its final stages. how we LOVE spending $ on things like that! I inheirited the problem from my g'ma rudolph-doing wash at least 1x a day. now we're paying for it after 10 faithful years every day. any recommendations out there for front loaders???

Friday, February 16, 2007

Air Millie

Isn't this just how my personality is? A million posts in one day and then wait a week or so? Isaac had everything to do with this picture.

Favorite HandMeDown Friday!

Since most of you do "Favorite Photo Fridays", I thought I'd add a new twist. Mia has very FEW clothes that have not been handed down from wonderful friends. We love them. I will post the favorites here on Fridays! Here are the shoes she wears every day when she wakes up, from her friend, McKenna! She calls them her McKenna Lady Shoes. Notice she is pairing them with her snuggly jammies from Kaisa.

Is It Spring?

I'm grabbing onto whatever I can here...Sorry for all you covered in a huge blanket of snow, on my walk yesterday (which I do regularly IN THE RAIN!) I saw crocus blooming! Spring is really on its way. I'll be glad to see that after our first full winter in Seattle. Yes, it rains a lot. a lot. A whole stinkin' lot! :) Again, if any of you have a timeshare in a warm place you're not using...

We had a great Valentine's Day. Mia and I helped out in both the boys' classrooms. Wow. Fun, but exhausting. I kept thinking, "How did I EVER last a whole day in the classroom?"

We also had our 2nd small group Bible Studay at our house last night. A great group of 5 young (well... yeah, young, couples.) We're the old farts there. :) It feels like we really are getting to know people here, which is great. And thanks to Gma & Gpa Held's rearranging ideas and Gpa Gord and Kenton's brute strength, our living room now can hold 10 people!

Happy Gotcha Day, Samuel!!


Happy 3rd Birthday, Mia!