Friday, March 7, 2008

Just when I was going to give up...

Just when I was about to sign off from blogging forever...
Maybe if I promise myself to post every month. Ha. I just don't see how you all do it! I find NO TIME to sit down at the computer. Anyway, now I have a few great things to post, so here goes:

Here is a picture of our fun last weekend. We hosted two teenage boys (Timothy & Jamil) from the country of Uganda. They are from the Matsiko Children's Choir which is touring the United States this year. SUCH FUN! Although they ate chicken like it was going out of style (I think where they're from it isn't out of style, just out of reach...), and graham crackers by the box, these kids were such a wonderful inspiration for our family. Most of the choir are "true orphans" with no living parents at all. Unbelievable stories. I asked Jamir, the 17 yr. old, where the choir lives since many have no parents. He said they all moved into the pastor's house. (Imagine 30 children!) I then asked how many children could fit into our 2000 SF home. (Kenton and I discuss this VERY regularily...) He looked around and repied, "Oh. Probably about a hundred and fifty..." He was totally serious. I said, "Do you mean a hundred and fifteen (like that makes any difference)?" He said, "no. a hundred and fifty." OKAY, LORD...I'm getting the picture! I'm just imagining all that chicken!

Happy Gotcha Day, Samuel!!


Happy 3rd Birthday, Mia!