Wednesday, November 28, 2007

All You Moms of Boys...

As I'm at home cleaning the house so babysitters can come tonight, I had a couple of thoughts. I was wondering if there are any of you out there who experience these funny things:
1. I have to scrub down and sanitize the ACTUAL SOAP DISPENSER in the bathroom, because it is black with dirt and grime. How does that happen on a soap dispenser?
2. Sometimes I even get out "company soap". Has anyone ever heard of this? No kids are allowed to use it. It's sometimes called "adult soap". (sounds naughty, eh?)
3. Why do I find candy wrappers under the beds when we ate through our Halloween candy weeks ago? (I know what you are saying. "I can't believe she lets her kids eat candy in bed." FYI: I don't. :)
4. I wait until I see company DRIVE UP THE DRIVEWAY to wipe the yellow off the toilet. (and then I forbid any boy from going potty until they are gone.) :)
5. Even though I wipe the family table down at least 3 times a day, why do I need a power washer to get down to the wood before company comes? And have you EVER checked UNDERNEATH the table to see what is wiped there. unbelievable treasures.
6. All of Kenton's family has the cleanest washer & dryers I've ever seen. They look like they are in a showroom. Do any of you dust your washers and dryers?
7. Secretly, in an evil land all of my own, I take the vacuum cleaner to the kids room and vacuum up all those little piece of Legos and Playmobil on the floor.
8. Our favorite line in "Christmas Vacation" is "fixed the newelpost!" (sorry if you don't get that one)

Happy Gotcha Day, Samuel!!


Happy 3rd Birthday, Mia!