Wednesday, May 23, 2007

$$$ Gretchen's First Fender Bender $$$

While one car was in the shop getting fixed because a rock (boulder) hit it ($250. deductible), I was driving the other. I was looking over my shoulder at this unbelievably nutty driver on my left (meth-induced) thinking "should I call 911 and report this?"...meanwhile...BUMP! Somehow I bumped the brand new LEXUS SUV in front of me. It was my first time in any kind of fender bender...barely a little dent on his trailer hitch, no damage on mine. (why does a Lexus SUV have a trailer hitch anyway?) Can anyone out there tell me why a Lexus trailer hitch costs $800. to repair? So now I either pay $800. for the fix or watch my insurance premiums rocket. Can anyone say YUCK? Oh yeah, and meanwhile the LITTLE TINY rock spot on the windshield decides to grow into a huge spider. So there's another $250. deductible. WHOOO HOOO! At least our bikes work!

Happy Gotcha Day, Samuel!!


Happy 3rd Birthday, Mia!